Recipe – Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

homemade hot fudge

There are very few things that I like more than good vanilla ice-cream with homemade hot fudge sauce on top. I actually credit that with all the weight I gained during my twin pregnancy. . . and after. This recipe for homemade hot fudge sauce is incredibly easy to make and I usually have all the ingredients on hand to make it. Trust me, you’ll never go back to store bought sauce after this.

How to Talk to your Kids about Sex

30 Days of Sex Talks

I was recently introduced to a series of books from Educate and Empower Kids called 30 Days of Sex Talks. This series of 3 books is designed to give you conversation starters and age-appropriate facts to share with your child starting as young as 3 years old all the way into the teen years and is a must-have for any parent.

Giveaway – Plant Therapy Essential Oil Set

Plant Therapy Giveaway

Plant Therapy offers high quality essential oils that are much more affordably priced than some of the other essential oils I have seen out there. I bought a few oils on my own to try out and was impressed with how they compared to similar oils that I already had so I reached out to them. They were kind enough to send me a larger variety to sample and a set to share with you!

Nissan NV 3500 Review from a Family of 8 (with Video)

Nissan NV 3500 Review (with Video)

When we found out we were having twins, one of the first thing we realized was that we were going to have to go car shopping. I was driving a 7 passenger minivan and we were officially moving into “Yikes, how many kids do you have?” territory so we needed to size up. We ended up going with the Nissan NV 3500. Out of everything that we drove, it felt like the best fit for us and even though it took me a little while to come around to the idea of a full size van, I’ve actually really liked it. Check out a few of the features our family of 8 has really liked about this van.