Why I’m Okay with My Kids Being Bored

Why I'm Okay with my Kids Being Bored

My best memories of childhood happened when I was free to explore and figure out what I was interested in. I needed time to do that. I needed to be given the chance to be bored. As a mom, I’ve tried to make sure my kids have plenty of unstructured time so they can develop their own interests and get creative.

Lemon Muffins With Raspberry Glaze


Move over donuts! Its time to give muffins some love. Muffins are basically my excuse to have cupcakes for breakfast.  These muffins are made with real fruit though so it’s okay right? Seriously though, these muffins are DELICIOUS. You are probably going to want to double this recipe because they will go so fast! These are soooo moist and not overly sweet. Ingredients For the

Grilled Malibu Chicken

Grilled Chicken Malibu

We’ve been grilling like crazy at my house and today I am going to share my latest favorite with you. I love meals like this because I am a pretty lazy cook and don’t like things that require a lot of prep. This meal has barely any, which is great because when the weather is this nice who has time to make a fancy meal? I have always loved Sizzler’s Malibu chicken but I wanted to make a healthier version so I decided to do a grilled version instead of breaded.

7 Ways to Have Fun When you Forget How

Do you need to have more fun? We have 7 ways to help you have more fun this summer.

We go through phases in life and some of those phases are definitely more fun than others. They can and should all be enjoyed though. As a mom, one of the things I want my kids to learn is how to have fun and be happy even when things are a bit overwhelming. If you need a little extra fun in your life you can jump in and take the #MilkLife challenge with me. There are daily prompts that give you some great ideas for ways to milk life and have some fun. You can win great prizes along the way too like a month or even a year’s supply of milk!

Edible Finger Paint for Babies and Toddlers

Edible Finger Paint - This is a great sensory project for babies! LOVE this!

I think most toddlers’ favorite thing to do is make messes, and my apartment can attest to that. Sometimes you just need to let them do their thing in a controlled environment. My daughter Violet loves to watch me paint and gets upset when I don’t allow her to touch my very toxic non-baby safe supplies. Although I would love for her to join me, she is fifteen months old and not quite ready for big girl paint. Edible Finger paint is a great safe way to let her explore her creativity!