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baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller

This baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller comes with a host of features. This one is specially made for your baby. It is easy to fold, easy to ride on the road and comes with its sleek design. This baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller is a new parent’s delight.

To stay with me further I will give you very useful information in this review. Which will helps you to buy a good stroller.

There are many strollers in the market, there you will find many designs and

smooth strollers which come in many colours. It’s easy for a new parent to be attracted to all this,

when I bought my first stroller, I was also fascinated by it. 

It was super stylish, but it got worn out after a while. It didn’t turn out very comfortable or durable, and my first daughter essentially took it apart after just a year. 

I later regretted spending too much money on this stroller. 

So that’s when I considered my next stroller when I needed a stroller. So I didn’t want to make the same mistake as before. 

When it comes to buying a stroller, you should look for some key features in it. 

A stroller must provide a comfortable ride It must be durable (and by this I really mean stain resistant and/washable with a part to be easily removed.); 

it should be easy to push. The child should sleep in it without any problem. It should be easy to fold.


Baby jogger double stroller with Infant Car Seat

baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller

With baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller you can carry your baby, toddler and even an older baby at the same time. 

There are many types of double strollers in the market, and they differ in structure and quality.

It comes with a single car seat which can be attached to the stroller along with the car seat adapter. 

The one-hand fold is absolutely a game-changer. It was very difficult to fold and unwrap our old stroller, but it is a piece of cake.

The seats themselves are also long, which will allow you to use them longer as your kids get older. 

Each seat can support a baby up to 50 pounds, so this baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller will keep you and baby moving.

Find the most comfortable position for your kids to kick back and relax in with adjustable calf support, near-flat reclined seats and air ventilation panels.

The shade canopy is fantastic – when the baby car seat canopy and stroller roof is open, they completely cover and shade the baby seat. 

The stroller canopy has two windows with magnetic cover, can easily see the baby in the baby seat or a baby in the stroller seat.

It’s easy to move by car and attach it to a stroller. 

Overall, it is a premium quality stroller and car seat packed with a host of features.”

Easy to use, doesn’t take up much space when closed. Shades are awesome.

 would recommend.


Don’t come with attachments like extra storage pockets—which need to be purchased separately.

 baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller features

baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller features

Some special features of baby jogger double stroller that make it a kid friendly. And make life easier for you and your baby. 

This baby jogger double stroller is designed to provide a great experience for your child.

  • You can easily fold its seat.
  • Easily removable parts for washing.
  • Very easy to push baby jogger double stroller.
  • No hassle foldable baby stroller.
  • This baby jogger double stroller is very strong.
  • Attractive non-wind wheels that are easy to drive anywhere.
  • Adjust the baby jogger stroller seat your way for your child’s comfort.
  • 50 UV umbrellas to protect the baby from the sun.
  • Strong Brake for baby’s safety.
  • This baby jogger stroller comes with a storage basket.
  • A comfortable seat for your baby.

What do you think of the handle?

baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller brake

When I unboxed this stroller, the first thing I noticed was that the handle of this stroller was very good. Not only can you adjust handle height, the handle has a nicer rubberized grip than the old one it seems

Like it’s just wrapped with a grip tape.

 I’m 5’10 and I hate bending over to push a stroller. As high as the handle adjusts on this, I feel that even someone who is 6’2 can push this stroller comfortably.

The wheels are locked by turning the handlebar on the side bar of the frame and not by stepping on the hard-to-find toe pedal, a great feature.


My only negative about this stroller is that it doesn’t come with a snack tray for the seat or a parent tray on the handles.


baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller accessories

Baby jogger also provides accessories for all of their strollers for your child’s convenience. 

These accessories make your child’s ride a great experience.

Baby jogger also offers a stroller adapter which is a must have for your newborn.

In Baby jogger travel bag, you can keep the things your child needs.

 Easy to fold

baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller

Every parent wants that whenever they buy a stroller for their child, can it be easily folded. 

If yes then baby jogger double Stroller allows you to do this. You can easily fold this stroller. 

It is also very easy to open after folding. You don’t need to put in much effort to wrap it up.

Excellent stroller, you can easily fold it even using one hand. You can use it easily.

Wouldn’t you like to have such a stroller?

Its folded size is 32x30x15, so it’s not too tall in either direction and doesn’t take up much space.

It is designed to fit easily into doors.


The handle also touches the floor when folded. You must clean the handle before each use.

Bob double stroller wheels

baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller

I love the suspension and tires on this stroller. The handbrake of this stroller is much safer and easier.

This baby stroller comes with rubber tires that do not require you to inflate, but whenever you use it, you do not feel at all like you are riding with non-air tyres.

This wheel of the stroller feels exactly like an air tyre. Its design is very beautiful.

And feels just like air wheels. There are many advantages of this non-air wheel, which I will tell you now.

  • Padded wheels without air.
  •  Very strong grip, its exterior feels like air wheels, its wheels are the same as air wheels.
  • Its wheels are very easy to grip on sand, road, grass, or snow.
  • It has a great design and is very beautiful to look at, as the outer air wheel cover is made of the same rubber as the cover. They never look ugly
  • You cannot puncture these wheels with glass or any other sharp object.
  • It’s very comfortable and doesn’t need to be taken care of.

Stroller basket

This baby jogger double stroller comes with a storage basket under the seat. 

You can use these baskets for your baby to keep the items of his/her necessities. 

You can use it to keep baby diapers, food items, water bottles, etc.

The storage area mesh is quite flexible compared to other brands.

Storage Basket is a decent size.

The basket is large, but the manual gives it a 10lb load limit.

It’s nice to be able to access the storage from the front.

The storage basket is sturdy enough.


Fitting any type of bag (or anything, really) in the basket is impossible due to the accompanying bar.

Baby jogger double stroller cover

The cover that comes over the seats is very spacious, and you can adjust them very easily. 

In bad weather, you can keep them uncovered, half-covered, or practically completely covered. 

The additional updates like the foot rest and magnetic window cover are awesome too! 

My son loves horse riding in it and I love how easy it is to put him in it!

 Its shade umbrella is great – when the baby car seat and stroller are open,

they are completely covered by the umbrella and shade the baby seat. 

Two windows in stroller canopy with magnetic cover,

Can you add a handbrake to a baby jogger double stroller?

You want to buy a great stroller for your child. 

But you should also keep your child’s safety in mind while buying a stroller. 

Know what you need to keep in mind while buying an safe stroller for your baby. 

Know what you need to keep in mind while buying an  safe stroller for your baby. 

So that you can buy the best stroller for your child. The most important thing in a stroller is its brakes. 

This is an important thing you need to do in your child’s safety. This prevents a child from moving away from you.

Brakes are one of those systems that are installed in all vehicles. Baby jogger double stroller brakes offer the same safety guarantee;

It took me some time to get used to it, but it is a very strong brake. You can control it with your hand. This brake is as strong as a foot brake.

The brakes on the baby jogger double stroller are very easy to use. 

The brakes in this stroller lock the wheels firmly. This is the best safety measure in a stroller.


It doesn’t have a foot brake. But it is as strong as the hand brake in it.


Baby jogger double Stroller weight limit

I have used a stroller before but this baby jogger double stroller is great for traveling as compared to my previous one. The reason for this is that the range is very good.

Its weight limit is 50 per seat and both the seats together are 100. 

This Baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller comes with an easily removable cover that you can wash easily. 

These seats are very easy to remove and wash.

Given its weight, it is easy to push. Even when fully loaded with kids, you can push and steer it with one hand.

Only one hand is needed so that you can continue to hold the baby or do whatever you need with the other.

This baby jogger double stroller is really very sturdy and very elegant in design.

Is the Baby jogger double stroller worth the money?

This bunny stroller is worth your money in every way.

Everything has been taken care of in this built the stroller.

Everything has been taken care of in this built the stroller. 

This stroller is built very sturdily. Because of this the range is also very good. Each seat 50 lbs.

The wheels are well made and are strong. Which can be driven on any road. 

The design of the handle is very beautiful. The handle is strong. 

In this you can adjust the child seat in your own way. It comes with a seat belt. 

Some of its washable parts can be easily removed. It is very easy to wash it.

Are baby jogger strollers safe?

Yes this baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller is safe in every way for your baby.

This includes a 5-point safety harness and front bar in the seat to prevent a small child from falling.

It is horizontal lying in four positions, so you can change the baby’s position from sitting about lying down comfortably.

You can also adjust the direction of travel, forward or in front of you, according to what is most comfortable for you.

The umbrella in it is made to protect your child from the sun. The canopy is made using UPF 50+ to keep the baby safe from the sun.


  • Good quality non-air tyres.
  • Comfortable seat for newborn.
  • Easily washable material.
  • Ease of pushing the stroller.
  • A strong stroller.
  • A great umbrella for sun protection.
  • Gorgeous in design.
  • For use by two children.
  • Come with strong brakes.
  • Come with storage basket.
  • Adjust the seat for children.
  • Come with the seat belt.
  • Easy to fold and open.
  • After wrapping, surround the work space.


  • The basket is small.
  • Handle touches floor when folded. Clean it before use.

 Final thoughts

Above I told you about the review of Baby jogger double Stroller. Hope this helps you in buying a great baby stroller for your baby. This Baby jogger city mini gt2 double stroller has all the qualities a baby stroller should have. This is a great quality stroller for your budget. This is a great quality stroller for your budget. Thank you very much for reading this far.

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