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If you are looking bassinet for bed sharing and you want to know which is the best bassinet for baby then today we will review some of the best bassinet in our list.

But before that I will give you some essential information about bassinet which will be helpful for you to buy a good bassinet.

Often young children are put on the parent’s bed which is not considered safe for a newborn.

Therefore it is advisable to use a bassinet to put a newborn to sleep.

If you are thinking of sharing a double bed with your baby and are concerned about the risk of sudden death in babies,

then a bed sharing bassinet is a good option for you which helps the baby to sleep safely.

A bed side bassinet attached to bed. This bassinet can be removed or attached to one side.

With which you can keep your baby with you through this bassinet. This bassinet is as safe as a bed side bassinet as well as a bassinet.

The bassinet is comfortable for the baby and allows a mother to feed the baby.

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Proven solution that gets your baby to sleep like clockwork

How to choose bedside bassinet or in-bed sleeper

Types of Bassinet

There are two types of sleeper and bassinet in the market, in which some main differences are found. But both these bassinets are safe for the baby and help in creating a sleeping environment for the baby. Both bassinet for bed sharing are very sturdy and are made keeping in mind the safety of the child.

Bed co sleeper bassinet

  • One type of bassinet is the in bed bassinet. It is a type of co-sleeper with which you can share the bed. You can keep it above your bed and enjoy a safe sleep with your baby.

Bedside Bassinet for bed sharing

  • Another type of bassinet is the bed side sleeper bassinet. You can add it to your bed. In this you can really enjoy sleeping with the baby by sharing the bed with him.

Stay with me, we have made a list of some great bassinets, from which you can buy a bassinet according to your choice.

1 Swaddleme By Your Side Sleeper

Bassinet for bed sharing

The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper is a unique baby sleep solution that allows you to keep your baby close at night. It’s perfect to help your little one sleep better and longer. It also has mesh edges, which provide good ventilation for the baby to breathe, and it also helps prevent sweating.

This helps to reduce the dangers associated with the bed inn for the child. This product is designed for safe baby sleep so that the baby can sleep with their parents. You can get many benefits from this bassinet for bed sharing. The Buy Your Side Sleeper is one of the best sleepers in the swaddle.


  • The Swaddleme Buy Your Side Sleeper Mattress comes with a pad and fitted sheet.
  • The sides of this sleeper are mesh and the metal frame is padded. In this you can keep the baby without any problem.
  • If the baby is sleeping you can transfer him to another room without any trouble.
  • It has a solid mattress which is safe as per the current sleeping standards and the baby is recommended to sleep on a solid mattress.
  • This is a great bassinet for bed sharing that is lightweight as well as portable. It is very convenient to take it on travel.

What I like in it

It is very difficult for all mothers to carry a baby during a C-section. If the baby wants to be with his mother for the first few weeks, you can use this in a bed sleeper.

What I don’t like in it

The size of this bassinet for bed sharing is a little big while buying, check its size and you can buy it as per your convenience.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

2 Mamibaby Baby Lounger

Mamibaby baby nest

The Mamibaby Baby Lounger is the perfect co-sleeping bed for your little one. Your baby can sleep safely and comfortably next to you. The Mamibaby Baby Lounger has a sturdy base with soft edges that will support your baby. It also has a top cover that closes for easy cleaning.

The Mamibaby Baby Lounger is made of durable material and easy to clean; It is machine washable on the cold water cycle. It also has an adjustable height so that it can fit into any bed or crib. The Mamibaby Baby Lounger is great for newborns as well as babies; It can be used as a bassinet or play yard when your child is young, and then converted into a toddler bed once they are old enough to roam on their own.


  • The Mamibaby Lounger is made from 100% cotton fabric with an organic cotton cover.
  • It is very light and you can handle it very easily.
  • It comes with a number of designs that you can choose from like flowers, leaves, stars or mousse.
  • It has 360-degree protective cotton pad side railings designed to protect the child.
  • It is completely safe and ventilated for the baby to breathe.
  • It is great for travel. It is convenient to take it anywhere for travel.

What I like in it

The first thing I like about this product is that it is easy to use. It’s lightweight, which makes it convenient for parents to carry around the house or take them with them when traveling. This means there will be no problem fitting the lounger into tight spaces for storage purposes or travel purposes.

What I don’t like in it

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is not a good choice for young children.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

3 Snuggle Me Organic Infant Co Sleeper Bed

Snuggle me organic co sleeper

This organic baby nest is the perfect place for your newborn to sleep. It will make your life so much easier when you are trying to get some sleep with a newborn. This product is designed with safety in mind and will protect your baby from rolling off the bed or falling off the crib.

The Snuggle Me Organic Baby Nest is the perfect, safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep. The soft, breathable fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and has an extra-long zip that opens completely so you can move your baby in and out with ease. The nest includes an optional zippered cover that can be removed to machine wash the Snuggle Me Organic Baby Nest or used separately as a lightweight blanket.


  • It keeps the baby in a stable position while changing the diaper.
  • No chemicals have been used in making this baby nest.
  • This Baby Nest helps in breastfeeding the baby and the baby feels very comfortable in it.
  • Machine washable and low temperature dry, no need for ironing after washing.

What I like in it

It’s lightweight and portable – perfect for travel. It can be washed and dried in the washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle.

What I don’t like in it

It gets dirty very easily, you have to wash it after every use

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

4 mika micky bassinet for bed sharing

Mika micky Bassinet

The Mika Micky bassinet is a great option if you want to keep your baby close to you but don’t want to put it in the same bed. It is designed in such a way that it can be used on either side of the bed, so it is perfect if you and your partner are sharing the same bed.

It also comes with an adjustable base, so it’s suitable from birth to six months of age. The Mika Micky bassinet for bed sharing is designed with safety in mind, where your baby can sleep without rolling over.

You’ll also find that this product has plenty of ventilation holes, which help keep your baby cool during the summer months or when they’re sleeping on hot nights.


  • The bassinet is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport from room to room.
  • The bassinet comes with a removable fabric cover that is machine washable.
  • It has a metal frame that supports up to 33 pounds of weight.
  • It can be used as a co-sleeper or as a standalone crib, depending on your needs.
  • The mattress is soft and comfortable for your baby to sleep on.

What I like in it

It is easy to install and take off. All you have to do is open it and pull out the legs, which lock into place with a simple push of a button. The bassinet comes with a carrying case that is easy to carry around when folded or in use, as well as folded and packed.

What I don’t like in it

It does not come with any music or vibration feature. My baby loves listening to music while sleeping and we had to buy a separate sound machine which can play music along with the sound of ocean waves.

Mika micky Bassinet
Mika micky bassinet

5 kidsclub baby bassinet bedside sleeper

Bed side bassinet

The Kids Club Baby Bassinet for bed sharing is a secure bassinet and meets all US safety regulations. On both sides there is a mesh for the flow of air. This baby baby co sleeper is best for breastfeeding.

Strong aluminum material has been used in its construction. Despite being so strong, it is also very light, which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

It comes with two soft sheets. So that the child can get a good environment to sleep.


  • It is easy to assemble, you can assemble it without any tools when it arrives it only takes ten to fifteen minutes to assemble it.
  • This bassinet is sturdy so it doesn’t wobble when you use it and remains stable in one place.
  • It comes with safety straps that you can use to strengthen it, these safety straps go across the length of the mattress and connect the sleeper to the mattress.
  • You can also use it as a stand-alone bassinet, with the zip in it, you can open or close the mesh of one part of it.
  • It provides visibility to the baby and the mother. Baby can use it from birth to five months until he reaches 25 pounds.
  • comes with wheels
  • Toys on top of the bassinet keep the kids entertained.

What I like in it

Comes with 9 adjustable heights that you can attach to your bed or sofa. Change the diaper of the baby without bending.

Install without any tools.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

6 Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

Bassinet for bed sharing

The Baby Delight beside Dreamer bassinet is the ideal place for your baby to sleep. It is a safe space that is close to you, but separate from you and your partner. This means you can get some much-needed rest without worrying about your baby rolling over or being woken up by every little sound they make. The Baby Delight beside me Dreamer bassinet is made of sturdy metal material that is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Easy assembly and disassembly for travel or storage.
  • Removable bassinet top for easy access for baby.
  • Height adjustable for a comfortable fit in your bed.
  • Safe and secure to prevent baby from rolling off the bed.
  • It also comes with a sheet and storage pocket in which you can keep some essentials.

What I like in it

The mattress is made of high density foam that is soft enough for comfort but firm enough for protection. It also helps prevent flat head syndrome because it fits snugly around their head, not moving too much when they move around in their sleep.

What I don’t like in it

It’s small enough for very high beds (like mine). The mattress portion is about 2 inches lower than the headboard of my bed, which makes it a little uncomfortable when lying next to baby.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

7 Halo bassinet swivel sleeper

Bassinet for bed sharing

The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper for Bed Sharing is a safe, comfortable and convenient bassinet for your baby to sleep on. It has an innovative swivel base that allows you to rotate the bassinet to the right or left, so you can easily reach and hold your baby close. You can also place it next to the bed so that you can keep your baby close while allowing both of you to sleep comfortably. The Halo Basinest Swivel Sleeper for Bed Sharing is designed with a tilt feature that helps keep your baby’s head elevated while sleeping.


  • You can adjust it to the height of your bed and place it next to you.
  • Even if the child leans to one side in it, he is still completely protected and exposed to the air.
  • It comes with a washable cover.

What I like in it

The first thing I like about this product is the swivel feature. This allows you to easily move your baby from side to side without taking him off the bed. This is especially helpful when they are asleep and you want to check on them without waking them.

What I don’t like in it

This is a very heavy bassinet for bed sharing. It’s made of metal, so it’s not lightweight. The bassinet weighs about 37 pounds. This can limit where you can put it in your home. If you don’t have a good surface for a bassinet to rest on, you may want to reconsider purchasing this product.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

8 Ronbei Bedside Bassinet for bed sharing

Bassinet for bed sharing

The RONBEI bedside sleeper bassinet for bed sharing is designed to help you get a good night’s sleep while keeping your baby close by. The bassinet has a mattress that adjusts to the height of your bed and it comes with a soft mattress pad (that can be removed), so you can use it as a crib or bassinet. It is easy to wash and its washable part can be easily removed. This mattress comes with a cover so you don’t have to worry about baby getting dirty. This bassinet can be used from newborn to 6 months without any problem. It can be easily folded for storage.


  • High quality material and design, safe to use.
  • The mattress is soft and comfortable, perfect for babies to sleep on.
  • Musical toy design, it can play music to calm your baby.
  • Convenient side zipper design, easy for you to use.
  • Air mesh tent design, give your baby more ventilation and better air circulation.

What I like in it

The bassinet has a large mattress with a waterproof cover that makes it easy to clean. The side walls are made of breathable mesh fabric, which will allow your baby to breathe freely at all times.

What I don’t like in it

The biggest issue I have with the bassinet is that it doesn’t have any wheels. This makes it difficult to move around and keep it away when it’s not in use.

Bassinet for bed sharing
Mika micky bassinet

Benefits of a co-sleeping crib

  • Parents can sleep peacefully by watching the child sleep.
  • Baby needs more sleep. this allows you to keep the baby by your side and keep an eye on the baby.
  • Very easy to feed the baby and sleep next to him without any hassle.
  • The bassinet helps in reducing the sudden death in babies and every parent is recommended to use it.

How to put baby to sleep safely in a bassinet for bed sharing

It is considered safest to put the baby to sleep on the back. Always make the baby sleep on his back while using the bassinet.

Any surface the child uses should be flat and sturdy.

There should not be any kind of curtain, wire or blanket around the bassinet.

There should be no place for the baby to roll over or get stuck around the mattress.

How long can baby use bedside bassinet for bed sharing ?

How long can the bassinet be used until the child is big enough in size and weight to use the bassinet?

Usually bassinet for bed sharing can be used comfortably from birth to 5-6 months.

After that the child starts pushing with his hands and feet.

The bassinet found in most studies helps babies to create a pleasant environment and sleep safely.

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The ultimate purpose of this guide is to help you make the best decision based on your bedding set, budget, space and other factors. We hope you learned something from this guide and if we had missed out on any bassinets that you think should be on the list, please let us know in the comment section below.