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wooden bassinet for baby

Are you looking for the best wood bassinet for baby? This article collects the most popular wooden baby bassinets in the market. We’ve reviewed each of them, so you don’t have to.

We have seen a lot of wood bassinet for baby. We wanted to find one that really deserved the title of Best Wood Bassnet. it was not easy.

This article covers the 5 best wood bassinet on the market, so that you can choose the one that suits you and meets all your needs.

Why choose a natural wood bassinet for baby?

Sleep is the most important part of a child’s day. New parents are often concerned about how to help their baby fall asleep easily and stay asleep for as long as possible.

One way that many parents have found success is by using a natural wooden bassinet.

These beautiful, handcrafted bassinets are made from durable, non-toxic materials that encourage restful sleep and easy relaxation.

Keep reading to learn more about why choosing a natural wood bassinet is the best choice for your family.

  • Durability. Wood bassinet for baby exceptionally durable and can last for generations if properly cared for. The simplicity and durability of wooden designs make them easy to repair if necessary and many people choose to pass along their heritage wooden bassinet from one generation to the next.
  • A safe sleeping environment. You want your baby to be as safe as possible while sleeping, especially during the first year. One thing that makes a natural wooden bassinet a great choice is the material it uses to help create an environment that isn’t conducive to the growth of bacteria or mold. Wood bassinets are more durable than other materials and can last for decades.
  • practicality. A wooden bassinet can be used for more than just sleeping. Many parents also use them for diaper changing and play time. If you have more than one child, you may even be able to use it as a toy chest when your child outgrows it as a bassinet by simply adding a cushion on top.
  • easy cleaning. A traditional wooden bassinet is very easy to clean and does not require any special cleaners or chemicals. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, and dry thoroughly before putting the mattress back in, and your bassinet is good to go.

1 little dove wood bassinet for baby

The Little Dove Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper is the perfect solution to keeping your newborn close to you without having to put it in the same bed. It is ultra-lightweight, the bassinet is designed with breathable mesh edges, providing a clear view of the baby and more airflow.

The Little Dove Baby bassinet can be used as a bedside sleeper or as a stand-alone bassinet. It has a mobile with three plush toys to keep baby entertained and help develop eye tracking. The bassinet also features an adjustable canopy to protect baby from bright light, storage pockets to hold essentials, and locking wheels to help stow the bassinet.

wood bassinet for baby


  • The top of the side can be opened, so you can reach your baby without leaning over or getting out of bed.
  • Adjustable canopy helps block out light.
  • The bassinet has a mesh top so it is breathable.
  • The bottom of the bassinet is designed with large storage baskets.

Dimensions inside: 18 × 13 × 35
Weight limit: 20 lbs

What I like in it

I love the Little Dove Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper in this. It’s easy to keep my baby in the house without waking me up and it’s easy to move around the house. I wish it lay down more but it works perfectly for the dinner I need.

2 Arm’s Reach Cambria Wooden Co-Sleeper

The concept of Arms Reach® Co-Sleeping is designed to allow you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the very beginning.

This bedside wood bassinet for baby enables you to reach your baby and get closer for comfort and bonding. The unique design also makes breastfeeding easier.

The Cambria Co-Sleeper® features the exclusive patented attachment strap and plate system that allows it to be attached to most beds (including platform beds).

It can be attached at three different heights depending on the height of your mattress. The Cambria also has a drop side that allows you to easily take care of your baby at night without even getting out of bed.

All Arms Reach Concept® bedside bassinets are certified by the Teen Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

wood bassinet for baby


  • There are two positions available for the side wall.
  • Easy assembly, no tools required.
  • You will be able to reach your baby easily without getting out of bed all night.
  • This bedside bassinet is built with a solid wood frame.
  • Innovative design makes breastfeeding easy.

Dimensions: 34×20×33
Weight limit: 18 lbs

What I like in it

This co-sleeper has the same high-quality construction as other Arms Reach co-sleepers, but with a sleek wooden frame that offers a more traditional look. The Cambria is also budget friendly and has a lower price point than most co-sleepers.

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3 Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet for baby for baby

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is a cozy, comfortable place for your baby to sleep at home or on the go. This convenient bassinet has everything you need to keep your baby comfortable and at ease. The plush fabric is soft against your baby’s skin, while the gentle rocking motion helps soothe them to sleep.

When it’s time to move this portable bassinet from room to room, simply fold it up and use the included carry bag for easy travel.

The folding frame also makes it easy to store when not in use. With a machine-washable fabric and solid wood frame, the foldaway rocking bassinet will definitely be a favorite for naps of the years.

wood bassinet for baby


  • Provides a soft and comfortable place for your little one to rest.
  • Rocks gently with a push of the mother.
  • Easy transport and storage.
  • The canopy adjusts to control the light.
  • Open design allows for full view of the child.

Dimensions: 38×21×40
Weight limit: 15 lbs

What I like in it

The rocking motion can be turned on or off depending on what the child needs. This is a great option for kids who are restless and need something to calm them down. It also allows parents to keep their baby safe while sleeping.

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4 Delta Children Classic Wood Bedside Bassinet

The Delta Children’s Classic Wood Bedside Bassinette is designed to be used from birth until baby starts pushing on hands and knees. It can be kept right next to your bed for easy eating at night.

The included mattress pad with the Classic Wood Bedside Bassinet is removable and machine washable. The entire bassinet is JPMA certified and ASTM tested for safety. It meets or exceeds all CPSC and ASTM standards and has been tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government safety standards.

wood bassinet for baby


  • There’s a large storage basket under the bassinet.
  • Constructed from sturdy wood and designed to fit in any room in the house.
  • This bassinet boasts mesh sides that provide maximum breathability.
  • Water proof mattress with fitted sheet.

Dimensions: 33×20×32
Weight limit: 30 lbs

What I like in it

The material is easy to clean and the wooden frame is a nice color that goes well with any decor.

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5 Chicco LullaGo Anywhere LE Portable Bassinet

The Chicco LullaGo Anywhere LE portable bassinet is a great option for parents who want a place for their baby to sleep in their bedroom, but don’t necessarily have room for an entire crib. The bassinet is in the shape of a large laundry basket and folds up into a compact bag for easy transport or storage. The Chicco LullaGo Anywhere LE portable wood bassinet for baby comes in five colors and features a mesh fabric that allows air to circulate freely while keeping bugs out.

wood bassinet for baby


  • Fits through standard doors for easy transfer from room to room
  • Canopy with Drape Protects Your Baby from Light
  • Includes soft mattress pad with fitted sheet
  • A storage bag makes it easy to carry the bassinet on the go.
  • Elastic storage pocket on footboard

Dimensions: 30×18×42
Weight limit: 20 pounds

What I like in it

I love the Chicco Lullago Anywhere LE Portable Bassinet in it, because I put my baby to sleep in it and she loves it, she is so happy. This product is made of a good material, the size is perfect for baby and the colors are beautiful.

How to choose the right wood bassinet for baby.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bassinet is whether you want it to be portable or not. Some parents prefer a large wooden crib, while others prefer the convenience of a portable unit that they can move from room to room.

9 best Bassinet with wheels

If you’re moving between rooms, you might also consider a convertible model that converts from crib to bassinet. A convertible model is also great for travel because it allows you to bring it to any room in the house without disturbing your baby.

However, if you’re traveling frequently, you may want to consider one that’s made specifically for travel. That way, it won’t break easily when you bring it with you on trips.

Most people choose wood over metal because metal is more expensive than wood and can rust over time if not taken care of properly. Many manufacturers also use plastic.


Is a wooden bassinet safe?

As long as the bassinet is in good condition and free of defects, a wood bassinet for baby is safe. You should look for one that complies with mandatory safety standards.

As a general rule, it is better to buy new than used. Newer models are more likely to meet current safety standards and are less likely to be damaged by previous use.

You should also make sure that the bassinet meets all of the following requirements:

  • It has a sturdy base, mattress and frame
  • The mattress fits snugly inside the bassinet
  • The sides are at least 15 cm (6 inches) high
  • There is no gap between the sides of the mattress and bassinet
  • No loose parts or splinters, such as protruding screws or bolts

Are bassinets good for newborns?

They are definitely not bad. In fact, there are some benefits to using a bassinet instead of a crib.

Bassinets can be useful for the first few months of life, as long as your baby is sleeping in the same room as you.

They are lighter and easier to move around than a crib, so you can organize your room however you need.

The height also makes them ideal when you are recovering from childbirth or want to hold your baby close to you during the night.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children share their parents’ bedroom — but not their bed — for at least the first six months of life, and ideally by age 1.

Keep in mind that if your baby is sleeping in a bassinet by your bed, it’s important to make sure she’s not too close to pillows, sheets or other loose bedding that can increase her risk of suffocation or strangulation.

Do infants need to sleep in a bassinet?

SIDS is a serious concern for many parents, and it is important to follow safe sleeping practices to prevent SIDS.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping your baby in the same room with you at night for at least the first six months of life.

Sleeping in a bassinet is one way to do this safely.

Here are three reasons why you might consider using a bassinet:

  • Your baby may feel more comfortable sharing his bed with you or sleeping at his place rather than co-sleeping.
  • Bassinets are smaller than cribs, so they can provide an easy way to keep your baby close during her first few months.
  • Some models can be easily moved from one room to another and can even be used outside or while traveling.


Of all the best bassinets, we have reviewed above, they have amazing ratings and that is why it sounds the best in quality and reasonable. So I think this best bassinet should be good for you. Hopefully our review can help you find the best wood bassinet for your kids too. We will be updating this list regularly.

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