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Why we trust on chicco lullago portable bassinet

We trust chicco lullago portable bassinet becouse It’s been 60 years since Chicco was founded today.

The brand is established in 120 countries across the world and trusted by parents. Chicco has strived to further improve the quality of its products.

You can make this precious time of your newborn’s life more enjoyable by using Chicco products.

Chicco manufactures baby clothing, footwear, travel and all other essentials.

What is common in chicco lullago bassinet

metal frame

Strong materials have been used in the manufacture of all three bassinets of Lullago. Despite being so strong, this bassinet is very light.


Lullago bassinets come in a variety of colors. Which makes this bassinet more beautiful. It comes with (Sandstone, Iris, and Sand).


Excellent quality material is used in the manufacture of all Lullago bassinets.

The breathable mesh on the bassinet and all of its fabric is easy to remove and machine washable.

But you can’t just wash her canopy in Lullago’s Nest bassinet. But the rest of the clothes can be washed.


All of Lullago’s bassinets are within 1.25 inches in height. Sleeping area of ​​Lullago Anywhere is 28×15, Lullago 32×19.5, Lullago Nest 32×19.5.


All bassinets come with flat fold design.
All these bassinets are very easy to setup, it takes only few minutes to setup them. The folded dimensions of all bassinets are approximately the same.

What’s different in the Lullago bassinet

Weight and size

Its weight and size in the Lullago bassinet make the difference between all these bassinets.

Lullago Anywhere is the smallest and all the others are slightly bigger than this.

The Lullago Nest bassinet only comes with a canopy so it weighs a bit more than the others.

waterproof mattress

The Lullago Anywhere bassinet mattress itself is only water resistant. Other bassinet mattresses are not water resistant.

Other bassinets include zip-off mattress pads that you can remove. But it is not waterproof.


The Anyware is the smallest and lightest at the lowest price among all the bassinets in Lullago. The Lullago Nest costs more and weighs a bit more. It comes with canopy and toys.

Chicco Lullago Anywhere Portable Bassinet review

The chicco lullago Anywhere bassinet is a great ally for all parents looking for a bassinet that’s safe, lightweight, and portable. 

This Chicco lullago anywhere bassinet is great for travel that folds up easily. You can take it anywhere. 

This is a branded bassinet that is very beautiful, durable, and sturdy.

The Chicco Lullago bassinet has been presented as a very good buy,

although I found the one downside of these bassinets is that these bassinets don’t come with wheels. 

But still it is great because of such a low price. 

It’s so light that you don’t need that much wheels in it. Anyway, chicco is a trusted brand.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet
Mika micky bassinet


  • Weighing only 12 pounds, the lullago Anywhere bassinet is very light. This bassinet comes with a carry bag.
  • This bassinet comes with a waterproof mattress, the mattress is flat which provides better sleep to the baby.
  • The fitted sheet that comes with it is removable and machine washable.
  • The Chicco bassinet’s sturdy, snap-on metal legs allow for fast and easy assembly
  • The side nets ventilate the basin and provide visibility for the baby to see.
  • The bassinet comes with a storage pocket.  In which you can keep some important things of the baby.


  • You cannot adjust the height.

Easy to assemble

This bassinet is very easy to assemble, it takes only 5 minutes to assemble it.

Despite the great strength of this bassinet, it is very light.  It is very easy to move this bassinet from one room to another.

Its legs can be easily removed. Put it in a bag and you can go anywhere.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

I really liked the mattress,

it is non-foldable and it is comfortable for a newborn.

It is designed kid friendly and is big. So that you can use it for a longer time. Baby will love this bassinet.

You can put this bassinet in it with a sturdy bag that comes with it.  It fits in perfectly.

If we talk about the height of the bassinet then it is suitable for the bed. The bassinet height is great.

Your baby can use this bassinet comfortably for 6-8 months.

Mesh sides

The mesh wall keeps the bassinet’s airflow in check as well as providing visibility to the baby.this bassinet comes with three mesh walls.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

I love this bassinet with no extra frills.This bassinet comes with almost all the baby features that the chicco brand is known for.

This bassinet gives great air flow to the baby and you will not have to worry about the baby breathing when he turns himself to one side.

This bassinet is completely safe for baby. The newborn can take a safe and sound sleep in it. 

Seeing the baby safe, you too can have a restful sleep.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet Mattress

It’s common for a mattress to be stained with baby poop, spit, or anything else,

but you can rest assured that it comes with a washable cover.

This mattress is great and comfortable for a newborn.This mattress is easy to clean without any extra effort.

I like its mattress – it’s firm but it comes with a thin cushion. 

It is not like those cheap rough and useless mattresses which is not comfortable and safe for baby.

The mattress pad that comes with this bassinet is approximately 3/4″ thick and is perfect for a newborn.

One thing I really liked about this Chicco lullago is that this mattress doesn’t come folded like other bassinets. 

In this bassinet a board is used under the mattress which makes the mattress flat. 

By using the board, it saves the child from drowning in it.


You can easily machine wash the outer mesh of this bassinet. It is very easy to clean it. 

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

This bassinet already has a fitted sheet and you can machine wash all its fabrics

It also comes with a waterproof mattress so you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet is best for travel

If you plan to go out somewhere with your child and are fond of going out, then this bassinet is for you. 

This bassinet comes with its sturdy legs which are very easy to hold. You can put this bassinet in a carry bag and it fits perfectly. 

It is very easy to carry it from one place to another.  Overall, this is a wonderful bassinet for your travels.

Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet, Iris

The Chicco lullago portable bassinet comes with a washable mattress, safe ventilated mesh for breathing and its own sturdiness.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

Pockets are also provided to store your daily needs.This bassinet can be setup in a few minutes. 

This bassinet includes a carry bag for travel. All fabric, including the zip-off mattress pad, is removable and machine washable.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet
Mika micky bassinet

Features and details

A secure mattress with a zip-and-wash pad

Mesh walls provide visibility and ventilation

Fast setup with metal legs for storage

A travel bag for travel and storage

All clothing is removable and machine washable

Folded Dimensions: 8″ x 22″ x 20″

Chicco lullago portable bassinet


  • You can also use it as your bedside.  You can take it anywhere on the go.
  • The mesh is very strong and is breathable.
  • This bassinet is very easy to use.
  • This bassinet comes with a foldable mattress.


  • Unfortunately since the mattress is foldable it does not provide a flat surface.

what i love in chicco lullago portable bassinet

Because of the size of the bassinet I found it great for travel, this bassinet is very easy to open. 

It is much smaller than opening bassinet and can be carried anywhere.

Due to so many features, you can decide to buy it for the newborn. It is easy to place this bassinet next to the bed. 

I am glad to see that it is not that heavy and is definitely a useful item for my travels.  This bassinet is easy to clean.

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

Safe for baby

Safe sleep is one of the most important requirements for a baby. The lullago bassinet provides a safe surface for the newborn to sleep on. 

Chicco lullago portable bassinet

You can use this bassinet until your baby reaches its maximum weight limit. 

The height of the lullago bassinet is just right. This bassinet is portable and suitable for newborns up to 6 months old.

chicco lullago portable bassinet for small spaces

If you live in a house with less space and are looking for a bassinet that occupies less space then this bassinet is perfect for you.

Chico lullago nest travel bassinet

The Chicco LullaGo Nest Travel Bassinet is specially designed for the little one. Full care has been taken of the convenience of the child in this bassinet. 

So that the child can get a safe environment in it. A carry bag is included in the Chicco Lullago. 

Like other bassinets of the Chicco, it can be carried anywhere on the go. But some other features have also been added to it. 

This bassinet comes with a beautiful canopy. Some toys have also been included in this for the entertainment of the children.

Chicco lullago nest bassinet
Mika micky bassinet
  • A large comfortable mattress for baby
  • Beautiful mesh walls provide visibility to the child.
  • Very easy to setup and lightweight bassinet
  • carry bag for bassinet
  • Easily removes the fabric of the bassinet and is machine washable.
  • Great bassinet that is sturdy but easily portable

This bassinet is small and portable.This bassinet comes with a canopy.The height is perfect for baby to lie down in this bassinet.

The canopy reduces glare.  The canopy that comes with the bassinet is easy to disassemble for washing.  This canopy can be easily washed.  This bassinet is a convenient surface for baby.

Strong and secure

Like I mentioned earlier, all bassinets from Lullago are very safe.  The Lullago Nest portable bassinet is sturdy.

I love the mesh walls of this bassinet which keep this bassinet airy.  The quality of this bassinet is very good.

Chicco lullago nest bassinet

You can put the newborn to sleep throughout this time if you want and it feels great in any room and doesn’t hurt the eyes like some baby products.

weight limit

This bassinet can be used from birth up to 20 lbs, or when baby begins to push on hands and knees.

Assembled Dimensions: 44.25” x 21.5” x 17”
Folded Dimensions: 8″ x 22″ x 20″
Assembled Weight: 17 lbs.