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Cloud baby bassinet

Babies need a safe place to sleep. That’s why I’ve talked to dozens of moms and put together this Cloud Baby bassinet review.

This is the only review that took into account new parents’ questions about the Cloud Baby bassinet—like what parts are included or what accessories you need.

When you are looking for a bassinet or cradle to buy now, there are many factors to consider.

While I love baby and children’s products.

This is why I have decided to do Cloud Baby bassinet review so that I can share my experiences with other moms-to-be.

What is cloud baby bassinet

The Cloud Baby bassinet is a convenient and safe place for your baby to sleep.

It is designed with a soft protective pad, which can be used as a bassinet or portable bed.

The Cloud Baby bassinet is portable and easy to assemble.

The bassinet comes with an adjustable height and depth, so you can perfectly level it with the mattress on your bed.

Cloud baby bassinet

This bassinet is made with breathable mesh fabric that helps maintain the flow of air through the tent so that your baby is always at ease.

The Cloud Baby bassinet is great for travel. You can easily fold it up and put it away when not in use.

This is an amazing product that everyone should have. It makes life so much easier by making sure your baby has somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep while they are still learning how to roll over on their own or

when they are learning how to be on their own.

How cloud baby bassinet work

The Cloud Baby bassinet is an innovative product that combines the concept of traditional co-sleeping with modern technology to make it more convenient for parents and babies alike.

Parents can use it as a bedside crib or bassinet that can be moved around the house.

The Cloud Baby bassinet is a great way to keep your baby safe and sound at bedtime.

The bassinet has a unique design, with a mesh fabric that allows air to flow over the baby’s face.

This prevents overheating, which can be dangerous for newborns who are not yet able to regulate their body temperature.

It also makes it easier for you to see your little one while they are sleeping peacefully in the bassinet.

Best Features of cloud baby bassinet

Cloud baby bassinet

The Cloud Baby bassinet is a portable, folding bassinet that can be used for babies from birth to 6 months. It has a breathable mesh fabric that keeps your baby cool and comfortable at all times. You can easily fold it up and store it when you want to travel with your baby or when the weather is too hot for your newborn.

Cloud Baby Bassinet Features:

  • PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE – You can easily fold and store it when you want to travel with your baby or when the weather gets too hot for your newborn.
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric – The breathable mesh fabric keeps your baby cool and comfortable at all times while he is sleeping in his crib.
  • Safe Seating Position – Flexible legs allow you to adjust the angle of the bassinet so you can find the perfect position for your little one to take a nap in. It has 9 adjustable height settings.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – You can easily wipe off the dust and dirt on the outside of this bassinet with a damp cloth or sponge, which makes cleaning much easier than washing the entire mattress each time.

Dimension: 35.04 x 28.35 x 39.5 inches
Age limit: 0-6 months
Weight limit: 9 kg

Is cloud baby bassinet safe

Yes it is. The Baby Cloud bassinet is designed to meet or exceed all safety standards and regulations.

The Cloud baby bassinet has passed all ASTM certification tests for use in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The bassinet bedside sleeper is ASTM certified as well as CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant.

What’s more, it has an adjustable base mechanism that allows you to change the angle of the mattress to gently lull your baby into a deep sleep without worrying about rolling off the bed or waking up in the middle of the night due to pressure .

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What makes a bassinet so special that parents are willing to spend a small fortune on one?

This is a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the cloud bassinet. The purpose of this list is to help me decide whether to buy one for my child.

what’s to like in cloud baby bassinet

  • The Cloud Baby bassinet is easy to assemble and disassemble. The whole bassinet can be folded which are easy to store or transport. This makes it possible for parents to take the bassinet with them on travel, vacations and anywhere they may need an extra bed for their child.
  • Allows you to breastfeed through the night without having to wake up every time your baby needs something.
  • The mattress fits into slots inside the bassinet’s frame so that there are no gaps between the mattress and the frame where insects can hide.
  • You don’t have to worry about safety hazards like sharp edges as there are no sharp edges on this product.
  • Decent Size – The bassinet measures 34 by 20 inches and is at least 34 inches long. This means even tall kids can fit comfortably inside it.
  • The Cloud baby bassinet is a great product for your baby. It is very easy to setup and use. All you have to do is open it and fix it by the bed. It consists of two straps that are attached to the bed.
  • The Baby Cloud bassinet is a wonderful baby bed for your little one. It comes with a music box and toys to keep your child entertained.

what’s to not like in cloud baby bassinet

The Cloud baby bassinet does not come with wheels. This is a major disadvantage as it makes it difficult to move the basin around. This can be very inconvenient for those who have a small apartment or are living in an area where space is limited.

What’s people are saying about cloud baby bassinet

Cloud baby bassinet review
Cloud baby bassinet review
Cloud baby bassinet review

Customer questions

How thick is the mattress?

The mattress is 1 inch in thickness.

What are the dimensions of the mattress?

dimensions of the mattress are 31 inches by 20 inches.

Baby Bassinet buying guide

When it comes to choosing the right bassinet for your child, there are many factors to consider. Here is a list of things you should consider when shopping:

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1 Consider whether it’s breathable

  • Mattresses should be made from a breathable material, such as cotton or wool. This will ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably and does not overheat. If the mattress doesn’t have a hole, you can always add a breathable padding to the bottom.

2 Consider the weight limit

  • Be sure to check your bassinet’s weight limit before buying one. Some bassinets are made just for newborns while others can accommodate babies up to six months old. If you have a premature baby, look for a bassinet that can support the baby up to 12 pounds or less.

3 Look for Security Features

  • A good bassinet should meet all current safety standards such as ASTM These standards ensure that the product will not fall on a child while sleeping or standing under its own weight. This is especially important if your home has stairs that lead directly to the bedroom where you plan to use the bassinet. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that children stand unaided.

4 Consider whether it’s breathable

  • Babies spend many hours each day sleeping in their cradles and bassinets, so it’s important to make sure the fabric used is 100% breathable so that their body remains cool and comfortable at all times. Also, if you yourself or your family have allergies or asthma, choosing breathable materials is even more important because they won’t trigger any allergies or breathing problems for the parent or child.

5 Consider features.

  • Features like toys, lights, music and other entertainment options can be found on many models these days! Make sure any additional features your child needs will actually benefit before purchasing; Otherwise they will end up wasting money!

6 Consider portability.

  • If you plan to take your baby out of the house or move around your home often, you may want to consider buying a portable bassinet that folds up easily and is easy for you to carry around the house or even that be light enough to take. Take with you while you travel.

7 Height Adjustable

  • Some bassinets are height adjustable, so they can be used by multiple kids of different ages, with no need to buy another one when they run out of their current ones. This is especially useful if you have more than one child because it saves money over time buying multiple bassinets in different sizes.


So, Baby Cloud bassinet is a beautiful bassinet that fulfills all our requirements. You can definitely use it to help your baby sleep better. The quality of this product is one of the best in this price range, so you know you’re getting a great deal.