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graco glider bassinet swing

Mika micky bassinet

If you are looking for a graco glider bassinet swing for your baby to sleep in, today we will be reviewing a glider bassinet from graco.

The graco Soothing System glider comes with four modes.

In this you not only get graco glider bassinet but you can enjoy bassinet, bouncer, swing and portable bassinet for your child in it.

Its quality is great and baby loves it. The graco Soothing System makes the glider easy to move around.

You can add colorful toys on the handle so that the child can focus on the toys instead of the glider.

Kids love its rocking feature and enjoy it. It fits in a small room and is amazing.

The graco Soothing System glider is also easy to clean. The bassinet is safe for the baby and the baby sleeps all night in it.

The mesh walls on both sides provide air to the baby. The plush, spacious seat with

removable baby support and vibration will keep baby comfortable, while music will keep baby entertained.

Is the graco glider bassinet safe for the baby

The graco Bassinet swing is a wonderful tool for baby and almost all the parents have invested their money in it.

The surface of this graco glider bassinet is completely flat and helps the baby to sleep safely and soundly. Its mesh walls provide air for the baby to breathe.


The bassinet is one of the essential items of all the baby. Use this graco glider bassinet whenever you want to put your baby to sleep.

Use the gliding feature of the graco Soothing System bassinet to enhance your baby’s sleep.

This is a good way to calm a crying baby, put the baby to sleep in the bassinet and turn on the swing and with this white noise also helps the baby to sleep.

Baby takes less than 5 minutes to fall asleep after turning on the swing setting.

Mika micky bassinet
  • Excellent This system includes built-in white noise options and can be plugged in.
  • You can set a timer for gliding.
  • The canopy that comes with it folds flat for easy viewing of the baby.
  • The size of the bassinet is big so that the child can use it for a long time.
  • The bassinet has lattice walls.


Graco glider Bouncer
Mika micky bassinet

I loved the bouncer of the graco Soothing System glider. You can use this bouncer on a gliding system. It’s really amazing how many ways you can use its gliding system.

Bouncer is one of the most favorite things of kids, most of the kids find bouncer very nice. It gives a pleasant experience to the kids.

You can use the bouncer in the swing and you can tie the baby in the bouncer so that you can be worry free.

There is nothing to worry about the child falling down or throwing up, just tie the child to the belt while using it.

You can keep it next to your bed and keep an eye on the baby. Toddlers can use the bouncer up to 30 lbs.


If you want to make the baby sleep during the day then you can use the swing.

Use the bouncer on the swing and play it on the swing setting.

It has a choice of different melodies that can be used to put the baby to sleep.

Graco soothing system glider

1 Gliding feature

The Glider feature of the graco Soothing System is amazing. It has six speed settings and you can adjust it according to your child.

The glider is quiet and provides a pleasant environment to the baby.

When you start it for the first time, it takes some time to build up speed.

In the gliding feature, you can use a gliding bassinet and a gliding swing for the baby.

The gliding swing can be used up to 30 pounds and the bassinet can be used up to 15 pounds. The glider is very sturdy and safe for the baby.

2 sound machine

The graco Soothing Glider comes with a sound machine that you can use to keep your child entertained.

Make the child sit in it and use the sound machine. This sound machine provides soft music to stop the child from waking up.

3 Dimensions and weight

Dimensions ‎28 x 24.5 x 36 inches

Gliding Swing Weight Limit: Infants from 5.5 to 30 lbs

Bouncer Weight Limit: Infants from 5.5 to 18 lbs

Bassinet Weight Limit: Infants from 5.5 to 15 lbs

4 Portability

This product is amazing, the bassinet is really versatile and great for baby’s early months.

The swing cradle and bouncer act like a swing, making it “portable”. Bassinet are essential for baby. It’s perfect for a small child who needs rocking to sleep.

This graco baby glider Bassinet is not too big to be portable.

5 Seat Positions

You can remove the bouncer and bassinet from its glider. Apart from this, you can also use it by removing it from the glider.

The bassinet surface is flat with this provides a pleasant environment for the baby to sleep in.

Due to its smaller dimension this machine can be moved easily as compared to swing. The glider seat vibrates.

6 Vibration Options

The Graco swing has dual vibrator speeds and both vibrating modes are great for a fussy baby. Vibration facilitates the baby to have a restful sleep.

The vibration system is very much liked by the baby, it helps to calm the crying baby.

7 Harness

Five point harness straps keep super little ones securely in place. The glider moves from front to back and differs from a swing because it does not swing up and down as much.

I am not sure whether there is any difference in the choice of the child as both are doing amazing movements.

It is a gentle glider that keeps the inner ear fluid moving and is good for the vestibular system of the baby. It seems to be a very easy ride for babies

8 Batteries Needed

The hammock runs on electricity and you can use batteries in the bouncer.

I also like the feature that allows it toplug into the wall instead of using batteries and get them out really fast like every other rocker .

One advantage of the battery feature is that you can use it even there that isn’t a plug-in feature.

Graco rocking Bassinet easy of clean

It is also easy to clean but you should not use bleach or detergent while cleaning it. Use mild lukewarm water and soap to clean the seat cover and frame and wipe with a soft cloth.

is it worth the money

It gives a mother the freedom to do whatever she wants by keeping the child safe. It has great height and offers a wide range of motions.

The graco Soothing System glider is easy to assemble and wash the cover. It is one of the essential items of a baby and provides all the facilities that a child needs from swing to bassinet. It is definitely worth the price and you can trust graco.

graco dreamglider gliding swing and sleeper

This bassinet is every parent’s dream going. If you are doing any of your work, then put the child to sleep in this bed.

It acts very well for the baby and helps the baby to sleep. You can use that bassinet as per your choice.

If you want to make the child sit, then use its seat. From the seat without the baby moving that turns into a swing in a matter of minutes.

It includes songs and sounds for the enjoyment of the child. If you do not want your baby to sleep in your arms, then this bassinet is a good option for you.

It will act like a swing for the baby in the initial months and will help the baby to sleep. The vibrating, rocking and music features inside it are amazing.

Graco glider Bassinet
Graco glider bassinet
  • The rocking motion helps the baby to calm down.
  • You can machine wash its cover and the DreamGlider does not require any type of bedding.
  • Swing glide is also possible in the sleeper position.
  • Up to 30 lbs Dream Glider can be used as long as the child starts to push with their hands and feet.
  • The graco dreamglider swings do not contain flame retardant chemicals.
  • It has straps that help protect the baby from falling.
  • The Duoglider swing has a timer that must be set to turn off the swing and/or the sounds.

What we like in graco glider bassinet

In the early months, babies just don’t like to sleep on a flat surface. If you want something that will make your baby move then this bassinet is right for you.

Its rocking feature is very good and kids love it. This helps to calm the baby when he cries. You can tilt him to help you sleep.

You can use child-friendly pace in this and start increasing the speed as the child grows up.

  1. It has two vibration speeds.
  2. Use six types of swinging motion.
  3. Melodies and sounds that calm the baby.

can you use graco dreamglider as bassinet

Dreamglider is a baby carrier that can be converted to a bassinet, which means that you can carry the baby in your arms and use it as a sleeping space for the child.

Yes, a Graco Dreamglider can be used as a bassinet. It is a storage storage solution with an adjustable seat and sleep-friendly features.

It also has removable parts that are easy to clean.

Graco dream suite bassinet

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