3 Reasons The Halo Bassinest luxe Swivel Sleeper Is A Smart Choice

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I was surprised how good it was. The things that were missing from our other bassinet all of a sudden appeared with this halo bassinest luxe swivel sleeper Mattress, edge height, swivel feature when baby is ready to lie flat.

It’s simply amazing. Though I am a bit biased as I have used Halo products before and am familiar with their quality. This is the reason I have bought it.

The Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper is a great way for parents and kids to get the sleep they both need.

I hope this article helps you to understand better how the Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper can improve your sleep at night apart from your day life.

The Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety.

Now your little one can sleep as close as they want, while still sleeping safely in their separate sleeping area, reducing the risks associated with sharing a bed.

Apart from bringing the baby closer, it rotates to make getting out of bed hassle-free.

The patented side wall of the Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper folds down, so you can safely care for your baby without even getting out of bed.

The wall automatically returns to its upright position when not in use. A night light and sound machine provide extra comfort and help the baby sleep.

The water-resistant mattress pad wipes clean easily with a damp cloth.

halo bassinest luxe swivel sleeper

Key Features

  • A unique mesh wall provides maximum breathability and visibility, making it easy for you to see the baby while nursing at night without disturbing it.
  • It also includes an integrated nightlight, soothing sounds, music unit, and vibration levels.
  • The unique design makes it easy to care for baby without the need to get out of bed altogether.
  • The mattress pad is thick, it comes with a fitted sheet.
  • It can be used for babies up to five months old or babies weighing 20 pounds.
  • The waterproof mattress pad is machine washable for easy cleaning. The mattress is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free of latex.
  • The patented side wall folds down with one hand, so it’s easy for baby to rest.
  • You can remove the sleeper from its base and move it to any room in or outside of your home. This is the best option if you move around the house a lot during the night.


It is a stylish, streamlined design that will fit in with any nursery or décor.

This is the next generation of Halo’s patented swivel sleeper. It’s a stylish, streamlined design that would fit in with any nursery or decor. Its 360-degree swivel allows you to turn it on its side for more bonding while you feed and caress your baby. The swivel bassinet allows you to move your baby around the room so that you can reach nearby objects during those tiring first weeks.

high walls

halo bassinest luxe swivel sleeper

Some parents are concerned about rolling off the bed and accidentally falling on their child. With Halo Bassinest, you’ll never have to worry about it. High walls keep you safe on your bed, while also letting you reach up to comfort your baby in a jiffy.


The Halo Bassinest Luxe is made from high-quality materials, comes in beautiful fabrics, and has a number of convenient features that parents will appreciate. This is the perfect bassinet for any parent who wants a safe and comfortable place for their newborn to sleep.


Portability is a very important feature of a baby bassinet as it allows you to easily carry it around while your baby is awake and asleep. It also helps to keep an eye on them while sleeping as well as keep them safe.

what did i like about it

swivels 360 degrees

halo bassinest luxe swivel sleeper

The Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper is a revolutionary, multi-patented, safe sleep solution for parents and their babies. This elegant, adjustable bassinet allows you to position your baby at the level of your bed so you can safely and easily care for them during the night without even getting out of bed. It also rotates 360 degrees so you can easily move in and out of the bassinet without waking your baby.

Easy to move between rooms

halo bassinest luxe swivel sleeper

The bassinet detaches from its base. It’s easy to move the bassinet from room to room, which is great if you want to have your baby with you but don’t want to put him to bed with you (which we don’t want). My husband and I are both tall, so we were concerned about bending over too much, but the bassinet is high enough that it doesn’t cause a problem.

Includes the white noise , music and vibration

Music, sound and vibration features help to soothe baby to sleep. Light night light calms baby in low light and dark rooms. The Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper is made of safe and durable material. It contains no harmful chemicals like BPA, Lead, Phthalate and PVC.

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Is the HALO bassinet worth it?

The Halo bassinet is an excellent choice for new parents looking for a bassinet that can be carried around the house.

The side wall of the halo is lowered, and it detaches from its base.

Which makes it easy to pick up your baby and move it to another room.

It also tilts at multiple angles, so you can adjust the bed as your baby grows.

However, all this functionality comes with a hefty price tag.

HALO is currently priced at $299. When you consider that the average lifespan of a bassinet is between 1-5 months,

depending on how fast your baby grows, you’re paying about $60 per month for this product .

In comparison, a standard bassinet runs between $50-$100 and will last as long as a more expensive option like the HALO.

If you want all the bells and whistles that come with HALO (Ease of Mobility and Adjustable Height), this product is well worth the investment.

Otherwise, we recommend sticking with a standard bassinet or opting for a bedside bassinet like the Delta Children’s Bedside Bassinet ($100).

What is the difference between Halo luxe and luxe plus?

The Luxe and Luxe Plus Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Series include a deluxe soothing center, and storage caddy, while the Luxe Plus includes a mattress pad and fitted sheet.


If you are looking for a beautiful, elegant, luxurious bassinet for your newborn, then Halo Basinest is the answer. It’s perfect for any room in your home, from a baby room to a guest room or apartment. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a number of features that parents are concerned about and that make it a great value. If you want to get the best sleep you can, while also having something that will last for future babies, you might want to consider this bassinet.

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