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milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet

Life is full of ups and downs. To be happy, we should feel comfortable at home.

It is very necessary for good sleep that comfortable bed is a major requirement for good sleep.

And a comfortable room will make you happy, but if your room is a little cold, it disturbs you from the best sleep.

A milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet will suit your room perfectly.

This will give you a better sleeping experience every day.

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet review

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet
Mika micky bassinet

Side Sleeper The bedside bassinet is the ideal solution for parents who need to keep their newborn close by.

This stylish, portable crib at night will provide parents with peace of mind, while providing their little one with a comfortable place to sleep.

The soft padded mattress provides comfort and protection for baby, and has a unique design that prevents baby from rolling off the bed or getting tangled in cords.

The easy-to-assemble bassinet requires no tools, and comes with a convenient carrying case to make carrying it a breeze.

Your baby will love sleeping in a bassinet that looks like an expensive piece of furniture but was made with them in mind

Two modes of use

A dream come true for any parent is a bassinet that can be used both as a standalone and attached to an adult bed,

allowing you to keep an eye on your baby without having to get out of bed every few hours.

The Milliard Side Sleeper has 2 modes of use:

1. Bassinet Mode – Can be used as a standalone bassinet, or as an attachable bassinet with an adult bed (with included bed straps).

2. Bedside Sleeper Mode – The bassinet can be attached to the side of an adult bed, allowing it to function as a traditional side sleeper.

This is by far the best portable bassinet I’ve seen. It’s perfect for parents who want a safe place to put their baby to sleep.

Safety certification of the Milliard Bedside Bassinet

As a parent, it is important to make your baby’s first months as safe and comfortable as possible.

Trying to co-sleep with an infant can be risky, which is why you need a side-sleeper bassinet.

This allows you to keep your baby close by while keeping it safe.

Milliard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet is the perfect solution to your problem.

  • This milliard bedside bassinet is designed to meet all safety regulations required in America.
  • It is also designed to be very comfortable for your little one.

Setup and assembly of the Milliard Bedside Bassinet

Easy assembly with clear instructions and no tools required.

It’s really simple for anyone to assemble a milliard bedside bassinet in a matter of minutes.

And when it’s time to move on, it lays flat, so you can easily put it away as well.

The bassinet folds flat so it’s easy to store or transport

The Milliard Side Sleeper bedside bassinet is a great option for parents on the go.

It’s ultra-portable and it sets up in a jiffy so your baby has a safe place to sleep anytime, anywhere.

It is the perfect travel bed for holidays, weekends or even for meeting family and friends

Adjustable Height

The Milliard Side Sleeper Bassinet is a unique transitional bassinet that allows newborns to sleep on your side at the same level as an adult bed.

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet
  • This bassinet can be used from birth and is designed with safety features like a breathable mesh bottom and hood in case you want to keep an eye on baby throughout the night.
  • The bassinets height adjustable frame allows it to be used at 23″-31″ high bed heights

storage pocket

Milliard bassinet is designed keeping your needs in mind.

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet

The side mesh pocket is the perfect place to store diapers, wipes, extra blankets and your cell phone.

The convenient strap allows you to attach the bassinet to most cribs or bring it with you when traveling.

No assembly is required, so you can start using this bassinet right.

The fabric is 100% cotton and is machine washable for easy care.

The milliard bassinet is a great addition to any nursery and can transform any bed into a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Baby rocker bassinet with handle

The milliard side sleeper bassinet is the perfect place for your baby to sleep.

It has a rocking feature that comes with a handle for easy pushing, which will help lull your baby to sleep

Milliard bassinet with handles has an amazing feature that you can easily put your baby to sleep by pushing the handle to move the bed back and forth.

This will help quell any nightly urges and lull them into a deep sleep.

removable waterproof cover and washable sheet

The milliard side sleeper bassinet has a number of great features that make it a must-have for any new parent or guardian.

It is made of strong, sturdy and durable material which can guarantee the safety and comfort to your baby.

The product also has a removable waterproof cover and washable sheet, making it very convenient for cleaning after each use.

best build quality

The milliard bedside bassinet is designed with your baby’s safety in mind.

It has an aluminum frame, a fabric cover and a mesh siding that allows air to circulate.

The bassinet is also easy to fold up for storage and convenient for travel, making it the perfect choice when taking a trip to or visiting grandparents.

milliard bassinet weight limit

The bassinet is designed to be used until your child is too big for it and weighs 20 pounds.

This means that the product is useful even after the first

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet dimensions

Milliard Side Sleeper bedside bassinet is the perfect fit for milliard full-size cribs.

milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet

The footprint of this bassinet is 40″ x 27″
The side sleeper bassinet measures 35.5″ tall x 20″ wide x 7/8″ thick as the mattress.

The mattress itself is 3/4″ of foam on top of a 1/8″ stiff board. So it is super soft and suits every curve of your baby.

Large sleeping area

The Milliards Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet is a premium bassinet for your baby, available in medium/large sizes.

Made from the highest quality materials, its lovely style will grow with your child for years to come.

Stay close to your baby at night with a milliard bedside bassinet.

The bedside bassinet, which is attached to most traditional twin sized beds, provides a large sleeping area where your baby can sleep safely and peacefully.

Mattress pads are designed to fit the size of a bassinet.

Is milliard side sleeper bedside bassinet worth the price tag?

The Milliard Side Sleeper bedside bassinet is a very convenient and useful item for parents of newborn babies.

Its portable design makes it useful in many ways.

Parents can place it next to the bed or use it as a crib, bassinet, play pen or toy box.

Apart from making the baby comfortable, it also allows the mother to quickly reach her baby as well as move around.

Different reasons for why people buy a bassinet

The milliard bedside bassinet provides you and your baby with a peaceful, comfortable place to sleep no matter where you are.

The bassinet is portable so can be used in the nursery or at Grandma’s house.

It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, has an adjustable mattress height and head support, plus two hanging storage pockets for small miscellaneous items.

Where you can use a bassinet

Bassinets are recommended for newborns up to six months old.

An infant should be able to roll over in a bassinet with their head up.

The bassinet is not recommended for babies who have begun to crawl or stand, as the baby may become trapped between the rail and the mattress.

Let the sleeping children sleep! Never place your baby in a portable crib, playpen, or other area that isn’t specifically designed for baby sleep.

Your baby could suffocate if your baby’s face is pressed to the side or pressed into the bed.

It’s also important that you put your baby to sleep on his back — every time!

Babies who sleep on their backs are less likely to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

than babies who sleep on their stomachs or sides. And they are less likely to suffocate if they spit while sleeping.