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No parent wants to hear that “your newborn hates bassinet”
But that’s what our doctor said for us.
It was a shock because we had done a lot of travel planning and I wanted my newborn to sleep in his bassinet every flight. This post shares how we overcame the bassinet hater problem.

1 newborn hates bassinet Maybe he feels lonely.

newborn hates bassinet

Newborn babies have been hidden inside their mother for months, so it is understandable why they feel lonely when they are alone in their bassinet! Your baby may not understand that you are still nearby while sleeping, which could be another reason why your little one hates being alone.

2 Your baby might be too big for the bassinet.

Bassinets are designed for newborns who weigh up to 15 pounds, which is why many parents find themselves having to convert their babies into cribs before they cross this limit.

If your baby has passed this weight limit but isn’t ready for a crib yet, you can try placing her on a safe sleeping surface, such as a hard mattress next to you (just make sure There is no loose blanket or pillows).

3 Your newborn hates bassinet because of its bad quality.

A good quality bassinet is one that does not contain any harmful substances. There are many manufacturers who use ingredients in their products that are harmful to babies.

You can check this by looking at the label on the product. If there is no label then you should refrain from buying that product. If there are labels but they don’t tell you what they are made of, you should avoid buying them as well as they may be made of toxic materials.

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4 Baby may be cold hence newborn hates bassinet.

The room temperature is probably too cold for your newborn to sleep in. Your newborn will cry and hate the bassinet because they are not comfortable at all. You need to make sure you heat the room to the proper temperature before you put in the bassinet.

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5 Your baby may be hungry.

A grumbling stomach can keep anyone up all night, including a newborn. Newborns wake up every few hours because their stomachs are so small. As they grow older, their natural wake-sleep cycle will change. In the meantime, give him a bottle before bedtime and make sure he’s well enough to sleep for three hours at least once a night.

6 Your baby may have colic.

It is normal for babies to be fussy and difficult to calm down in the first few days of life. But if your baby keeps crying for a long time without any obvious medical reason, it could be a sign that your baby is suffering from colic – which can be very frustrating for parents.

Colic is generally defined as excessive crying by a healthy baby. Although crying is one of the main ways babies communicate with their parents, babies with colic cry inconsistently and often in the late afternoon or early evening (although there are some cases where colic occurs on its own at night). presents).

7 newborn hates bassinet because of dirty diaper

A dirty diaper can cause a baby to cry. Check the baby’s diaper to see if it is wet or dirty. If you are using cloth diapers, make sure they are not too tight. Change the baby’s diaper, put the baby on the new diaper and put it back in the bassinet.

Tips for sleeping baby in bassinet

Make sure you have soft bedding and a firm mattress.

Make sure you have soft bedding and a firm mattress. Your baby needs both of these things to feel comfortable and safe in his new environment.

To make sure the surface of your mattress is hard, stack it on top of another – just make sure the edges aren’t too high off the ground (you don’t want your baby to fall over).

Adjusting your sleep routine

To help your baby get used to sleeping in a bassinet, try to follow a bedtime routine.

You can start by feeding and moving your baby, then put your baby in the bassinet while he is still awake. This will encourage your baby to fall asleep on his own.

Your baby will naturally sleep more during the day and less at night, so try to keep him awake for about 90 minutes after each nap, playing with him, or doing something fun.

Play some white noise.

Try swaddling or white noise. If your newborn struggles with frequent awakenings, try playing white noise at bedtime or gradually to help him sleep longer.

Try something with a rocking motion

A rocker or a hammock may be just what your child needs to take them to dreamland. A rocking motion can be very relaxing for babies, so this movement may be enough to help your little one walk away.

In addition, some rockers also contain white noise and sleep sounds that can help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

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How can I make my baby more comfortable in bassinet?

Your baby may not be comfortable in a bassinet due to a health condition or because he is not used to the bassinet you have. Follow these steps to help your child get comfortable:

7 latest tips how to get newborn sleep in bassinet

Place the bassinet on a sturdy, non-slip surface. Do not place the bassinet on top of other furniture or cushions. Use lightweight sheets with no frills, strings or ties. The frills and strings can get tangled in your baby’s neck and cause strangulation.

If the bassinet came with any kind of frill or skirt, cut it out completely. If you’re using bumper pads, make sure they’re thin and tied securely to the bassinet so they can’t move around. Choose smooth blankets with soft edges and no loose buttons or other accessories.

If your baby is very cold, you can put a blanket in the bassinet, but don’t use any extra pillows, quilts or stuffed animals. These items increase the risk of suffocation and should never be used in a crib. Remove bumpers from bassinet.

Check to make sure your baby doesn’t have any gaps that could lead to entrapment or strangulation. Make sure the mattress fits snugly into the base and that there is no gap larger than two fingers’ width between it and the sides of the bassinet.


Your newborn may not like it, but a bassinet can be a useful addition to your nursery. Make the most of these ways to help your little one take a nap and get a good night’s sleep.