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snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest luxe series

For my favourite product comparison, I’m going to cover two highly popular bassinets on the market snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest right now.

Both are high-quality and offer many of the same features and benefits.

However, there are also some major differences between them.

In this review, I will talk about both the products and then give you my personal opinion as to which one is better.

I know you want the best for your baby, but the fact is that there are thousands of products on the market today, and it’s not easy to sort them all out.

Both of these products provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby, but one has more features than the other.

Below we’ll compare two different styles of bassinet. Both have their merits, but overall only one can be considered a better product.

At first glance, these items may look very similar. These both have a mesh side that allows air to flow through. They both also come with mattress pads, sheets and fitted sheets for their specific brand.

1.) What is snoo bassinet

Snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest

Inventor Dr. Harvey Karp, best known for his best selling book The Happiest Baby on the Block and the Five-Step Swaddling Method, has been studying infant sleep for more than 30 years. Now she’s created a bassinet that uses womb-like sounds and gentle rocking to put babies to sleep.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is an app-controlled bassinet designed to calm crying babies and help them sleep longer.

how snoo work

The Smart Sleeper uses a gentle rocking motion to help lull babies to sleep. It’s also adjustable, so you can set it to rock at a low or high speed. The bassinet is also equipped with sensors that detect when your baby is crying and will automatically increase the power to move until he falls back asleep.


  1. Comforting your baby to sleep automatically with built-in microphone, speaker and motor.
  2. Prevent rolling with a special swaddle that clips onto the bassinet and cannot be kicked.
  3. Place babies on their backs in a safe sleeping position (when used as directed).
  4. Snoo enhances sleep by 1-2 hours per night.
  5. Safe, breathable mesh walls that keep your child from getting stuck in their own bed.


The Snoo Smart Sleeper doesn’t travel well. It can be difficult to disassemble and store in a vehicle or home away from home.

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2.) what is halo bassinest luxe

Halo bassinest

The Halo bassinet swivel sleeper is different from any other bassinet available in the market today. Its unique design allows you to sleep as safely as possible with your baby without sharing the same bed, making it a perfect choice for nursing moms. It also allows you to take care of your baby with minimal disruption to your sleep. It rotates 360 degrees so you can keep your baby next to you, and its patented side wall folds down so it’s easy to care for your baby.

How halo bassinest work

Easy access for baby is a key feature of this bassinet. The side wall is all the way down to make it super easy to get your baby in and out of the bassinet.

It comes with a night light, two-speed vibration, white noise, music and gentle gliding to make your baby go back to sleep soothingly.

However, the best part of this bassinet is that it easily slides next to your bed so that you can keep your newborn at all hours of the night without getting out of bed. This feature also makes midnight breastfeeding sessions easy.


  1. 360 degree swivel allows you to bring the baby closer to you
  2. Mesh walls allow maximum breathability and visibility
  3. Nightlight with three soothing sounds, two levels of volume control and a gentle vibration feature
  4. Height adjustment to fit your bed


The Halo Bassinest Luxe Swivel Sleeper does not come with app connectivity. You will not be able to monitor your baby remotely.

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snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest comparison

A. Price

The primary difference between the SNOO and the Halo bassinet is the price. The SNOO costs $1,500, while the Halo costs half as much at $499.

Both products offer similar features, but the SNOO has a few extra bells and whistles that set it apart from the competition.

SNOO’s innovative features include integrated white noise that can be controlled with an app, the movement speed when baby cries, and a safety belt to keep them in place.

B. Snoo vs halo Smartphone integration

This is the first time we have seen such a product. Snoo is a baby bassinet that can be controlled using your smartphone. This is the most technologically advanced baby bed we’ve ever seen.

Snoo was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, who also created the Happiest Baby on the Block method to comfort newborn babies. According to Karp, 90% of crying between 6 and 12 weeks is due to over-stimulation and under-stimulation. Snoo uses Karp’s method to put babies back to sleep.

No smartphone integration in Halo Bassinest

This is a bit irritating for parents who are used to using their phones for everything.

C. Snoo vs halo Safety

The Snoo bassinet is designed for a safe sleeping environment for your baby. The Snoo is also equipped with automatic swaddling clips that gently hug your little one and prevent them from rolling over on their tummy.

It’s worth every penny because

  • 1) Babies sleep better which means parents sleep better,
  • 2) Children are safe because they do not roll over.

The Halo bassinest is also the safest bassinet on the market today. In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable safety standards, it has been tested at accredited third party testing facilities as well as by hundreds of satisfied customers who have used Halo Basinest with their child.

D. snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest Cry detection

The device, created by Dr. Harvey Karp, uses womb-like sounds and gentle rocking to calm crying babies back to sleep. Now, after years of research, Dr. Karp’s team has created an advanced cry detection system that can determine whether your baby is hungry or in pain.

The new Snoo bassinet detects whether the baby is crying or fussing and will automatically react accordingly. If a child is just fussy and not in trouble, he or she will start playing white noise at a low level for 30 minutes. If the baby starts crying again at that point, it will increase the amount of white noise until the baby stops crying or reaches a maximum decibel.

The sound can be adjusted manually at any time using an app on your phone. If your baby starts crying because of hunger, Snoo will keep playing white noise, but will move more loudly in an effort to calm her back to sleep. When your baby’s diaper needs to be changed, the Snoo will simply block out all the movement and white noise until you meet their needs with the least amount of interference.

The Halo Luxe doesn’t have a detection feature, which means you can start soothing vibrations and sounds and set shut-off, but it won’t start on its own. The user can adjust the sound volume with a dedicated button, or if they prefer silence, just use the vibration feature to put their baby to sleep.

E. snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest Weight limit

Snoo can be used until your baby reaches six months of age (or 25 pounds)

The weight limit for the Halo bassinet is 20 pounds, or until the child can roll over or sit without support. Once your baby can roll over or sit up on his own, it’s time to get the baby out of the bassinet and into the crib.

F. Portability

The Snoo bassinet is less portable than other bassinets. It is designed to stay in one place for months. The Snoo comes with a stand, so you don’t have to bend over to put your baby in.

The Snoo isn’t on wheels, so you’ll have to lift it up and move it if you want to reposition it.

Putting the Snoo on wheels can compromise its safety, as the Snoo needs enough weight to keep it from rolling over when your baby moves around.

We ask you to follow the following safety instructions when transferring your Snoo:

  • When bringing Snoo from room to room, get your child off the bed first.
  • Disconnect and remove the power cord from the back of the unit before proceeding.
  • Proceed slowly and carefully. Do not drag or drop the bed on any surface.

The Halo bassinet portable bassinet is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room. With successful removal from the base, it sets in seconds so you and your baby can rest in peace.

Snoo bassinet vs halo bassinest comparison table

Featuressnoohalo bassinest luxe series
app connectivityyesNo
cry detectionyesNo
night lightNoyes
white noise/soundYesYes
night lightNoYes
mesh side airflowYesYes
Rocking motionYesNo
Water resistance mattressYesYes
age limit6 months 24 lbs5 months
20 lbs


Is Renting The Snoo Worth It?

The Snoo can be rented for $2-3 per day (depending on your location), with discounts available if you rent for more than 30 days. If you decide you want to keep it, you can buy it for $1,395 or put $100 toward the purchase price plus $4 per day for 30 days. And trust me: Once you’re used to this bed, you’ll want to buy it.

Conclusion (which bassinet is right for baby)

A really great bassinet should be well made, it’s easy to use, it’s effective at calming a baby, and it acts as a place for them to feel safe and secure within their crib. Is.

The bottom line is that both the snoo and halo bassinets are great bassinets for different reasons.

Choosing between them depends on your specific needs as a parent of a child. As long as you feel comfortable with both options, either one will serve you well.